Travel Experts Rank the Top Packing Cubes for Seamless Adventures

Travel Experts Rank the Top Packing Cubes for Seamless Adventures

Last summer, I participated in four weddings and a bachelor party in three countries within six weeks. I never organized anything outside my career-on and in this process, I lost many small items: various bobby pins, lipstick tubes, socks, and most importantly, time spent finding them. This summer, my social calendar is fully packed, and to keep all my travel essentials organized, I will use packing cubes.

Packing cubes are exactly as they appear: small, structured packs that fit inside your suitcase and help keep your belongings organized for stress-free travel. When it comes to purchasing the best items, we spoke with travel experts and bloggers, packing enthusiasts, and home organization specialists about their favorite packing cubes and other general packing tips.

How We Choose the Best Packing Cubes

When it comes to packing cubes vs. regular packing, a small investment can go a long way. The experts we spoke with recommend considering the following factors:

Compression: Opt for compression cubes, which can create more space in your bag and make navigating through your clothing options easier compared to regular packing. According to travel expert and “Pack It Up” author Annie McAlpin, they can save you up to three times more space! Smart guidance for savvy travelers.”

Quality: Pay attention to the price when making a purchase, experts told us – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. McAlpin says you can find a six-pack of packing cubes online for $25, but “a good packing cube should be $10 or $15.”

Warranty: The experts we spoke with recommend paying attention to warranties when making a purchase. For example, brands like Eagle Creek (which we recommend below) offer guaranteed repairs.

Best Packing Cubes

Below, we’ve selected expert-recommended packing cubes and employees’ favorites to help you stay organized during your travels.

Eagle Creek Pack-It-Isolate Cube Set

Luggage retailer Eagle Creek’s packing cubes have been recommended by many of our experts, including Paul Healy and Mark Barnes, who run the travel blog Everywhere V. Tara Kapel, founder and CEO of Travel Group for the Love of Travel, and McAlpin are also included. Healy says the brand’s Pack-It Isolate set “goes to market as the lightest cubes.”

Like all of Eagle Creek’s products, the set of Pack-It Isolate cubes is covered by the company’s repair warranty. According to the brand, the cubes’ durable compression zipper (a feature suggested by McAlpin) compact clothes to fit more items in a small space. They are made of lightweight ripstop poly fabric and are machine washable and water-resistant. Pack-It Isolate set cubes can be purchased individually or as part of different size sets.

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Baggallini Long Compression Packing Cube

This long, slim option is one of McAlpin’s favorite choices. But don’t let its odd shape deter you, she says: “Most people look at that long slim and say, ‘What is it for? I’ll never use that,’ and it’s [actually] very useful.” McAlpin placed the cube between the handles of her luggage and said it was great for rolling up undergarments, small bras, and socks, and for using the space under your rolling bag.

McAlpin also recommends the brand’s medium compression cube. According to the brand, both options are water-resistant and lightweight, with a clear panel to keep track of your items.

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Briggs and Riley Small Packing Cubes

If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality set, McAlpin recommends packing cube options from the high-end luggage company Briggs & Riley. This set of three cubes is designed to fit inside your carry-on (the brand also offers a set for larger items). They are made of lightweight nylon and mesh fabric, which allows you to see inside the cubes to identify your items. Each set comes with a double-sided cube that allows you to separate dirty clothes.

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BagSmart 7-Piece Packing Cube Set for Travel Essentials

Ever felt the frustration of cramming your undies next to your chunky sweaters in identical-sized packing cubes? Well, fear not! Marina Redlinski, the guru of home organization and proud owner of BagSmart, has a game-changer for you. Say hello to BagSmart’s dynamic set of seven cubes, each varying in size and crafted from a blend of nylon and mesh. Peek inside effortlessly and bid farewell to packing woes.

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JJ Power Travel Packing Cubes Set

While McAlpin warned against purchasing cheap sets for less than $25, select associate editor Zoë Malin swore by this option from Amazon. “They’re inexpensive and get the job done. I’ve been using them for years and they haven’t broken yet, so it’s a win,” she says. This set comes with two large cubes, one medium cube, two small cubes, a shoe bag, and a toiletry bag. They don’t collapse, but the mesh exterior allows you to easily see what’s packed in each cube.

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