Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sparks Renewed Speculation as Next James Bond Contender

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sparks Renewed Speculation as Next James Bond Contender

Following reports of British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson being offered this role, speculation has once again intensified over who will play the iconic character of James Bond.

According to The Sun, the actor known for his roles in Kick-Ass and Marvel films has been formally offered the job of 007, previously portrayed by Daniel Craig. After acting in five films over 16 years, Craig left the role in 2021.

The next Bond film will be the 26th installment after No Time to Die.

BBC has reached out to Taylor-Johnson. Eon Productions, the producers of the Bond films, stated they do not comment on rumors, although an internal source from the production told BBC News that “there is no truth in the rumors.”

Speculations about this role have been circulating for some time.

Taylor-Johnson recently told Numero Magazine that he found it “exciting and flattering that people see me in that role” when asked about rumors naming him as the next Bond.

The 33-year-old actor, who portrayed John Lennon in the 2009 biopic Nowhere Boy, is now a favorite among bookmakers to take on the role. He also starred in the thriller Nocturnal Animals, for which he won a Golden Globe in 2017, as well as Anna Karenina, Godzilla, and Tenet.

Who will be the next to take on 007?

In the past three years, the speculation about Craig’s successor has been rampant, with no shortage of names being followed closely, which is seen as a difficult task to undertake.

Catching Bullets: The Memoirs of a Bond Fan’ scribe Mark O’Connell revealed to the BBC post-Craig era, “Embracing the mantle of Bond isn’t merely slipping into a designer suit for a premiere or signing an endorsement contract. They have to be a movie star, a series ambassador, a media politician, a scion of British culture, and the face of a multibillion-dollar environmental mechanism for products and support.”

“They should be instantly recognizable as James Bond worldwide.”

“They should look good, be camera-ready, and dominate the cinema screen like a football pitch.”

“Very, very exciting.”

Among the favorites for this role are Superman and Mission: Impossible actor Henry Cavill, who was considered for the role before Craig was chosen.

He told GQ in 2020 that he would “love to play Bond, it would be very, very exciting.”

One of the youngest names being considered amidst controversy is 32-year-old Damian Lewis.

His claim to fame rests in the captivating realm of the US television landscape, where he made his mark in the gripping crime saga, Snowfall, a series that enthralled audiences over six exhilarating seasons spanning from 2017 to 2023, he captivated audiences with his compelling performances. Additionally, he left an indelible mark with a significant role in Netflix’s thrilling sci-fi action film, “Outside the Wire.”

Another favorite among bookmakers is James Norton, who recently acted in a stage production of A Little Life and was part of the cast of the 2019 film Little Women.

The 38-year-old actor has appeared in several serious TV dramas, including McMafia and Happy Valley.

In 2018, he dismissed rumors of being the next Bond, telling The Evening Standard, “Speculation is inevitable. But that’s all it is – speculation. A lot of flattering, very humbling speculation.”

But undoubtedly, much can change in six years.

Among the stars whispered about Tom Hardy,

, and Chris Evans graced the conversation with their illustrious presence. Their names resonate like constellations in the night sky, captivating audiences and igniting speculation about their next ventures in the realm of cinema.

However, 51-year-old Elba admitted that he may now be “too old” to take on this role, considering if he remained in the role for as long as Daniel Craig did, he would be 66.

Producers don’t necessarily have to pick the biggest name for the role; after all, Daniel Craig’s name wasn’t at the forefront after Pierce Brosnan’s final Bond film in 2002.

Speaking of Brosnan, he recently told BBC that his Irish compatriot and Oscar winner Cillian Murphy would make a “fantastic” 007.

Brosnan had previously stated that the heartbeat of Britain, Regé-Jean Page, would make a “wonderful” Bond.”


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