Greece, Cyprus, UK Seven of the world’s top 10 stylish sustainable strands are in Europe

Greece, Cyprus, UK Seven of the world’s top 10 stylish sustainable strands are in Europe

More than half of TripAdvisor users say that helping the environment is important to them, and where to go is increasingly influenced by travelers’ preferences for sustainability.

Regarding beach destinations, it means clean water, pristine sand, and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Every year, TripAdvisor releases rankings of the world’s best beaches, with European destinations set to dominate in 2024. For the first time, this time’s rankings also include an order for the most sustainable strands. 

Travel sustainability company B-Coz provided data on beaches honored with the prestigious Blue Flag between May 2023 and April 2024 – indicating them as clean and safe. It was complemented with positive reviews emphasizing terms like “environmentally friendly,” “eco-tourism,” and moreover 12 months.

With seven out of the top 10 spots belonging to European beaches, some destinations are making waves in the list.

Sandbanks Beach, UK: Plan a Family-Friendly Day

This British spot clinched the top spot for TripAdvisor’s most sustainable beaches. Maintaining its Blue Flag award for over 30 years, it stands out among the UK’s coastal offerings.

Before Brexit, it was one of the few areas in the UK commended by the European Union for its high cleanliness standards. Visitors describe it as “clean and organized” and “sandy, clean, and beautiful.” A team of volunteers ensures its shoreline remains litter-free, hence its frequent mention.

The soft, clean golden sand makes it perfect for children to build sandcastles without worrying about litter. There’s also a designated area for children to play just behind the beachfront, ideal for some extra fun before heading home.

Sandbanks Beach: How to Get There

Sandbanks Beach is a small peninsula that extends into Poole Harbor. If you’re traveling from London, it takes about four hours by train to reach this part of the UK’s southern coast.

For those looking for a more permanent way to visit the beach, several bus routes connect to local centers in Poole and Bournemouth. In the summers, a ferry service operates from Studland and Swanage,  furnishing a scenic route to the seacoast. 

When Is the Best Time to Visit Sandbanks Beach?

The beautiful natural surroundings make Sandbanks a good option year-round. It’s popular in the summers, so expect crowds, but there’s still plenty of space to enjoy the sun with your blanket.

TripAdvisor also notes that visitors enjoy visiting this beach on colder days. Walking along its length provides breathtaking views of the best scenes on the British southern coast or marveling at the incredible treasures along the shoreline.

Galissas Beach, Greece: Plan a Snorkeling Trip in Warm Waters

Located on the western coast of the Greek island of Syros, this sheltered bay made it to TripAdvisor’s list as the fifth best place.

Nestled between high cliffs, it’s an excellent spot for snorkeling in calm, shallow waters, often allowing you to go far out without much deeper than your waist.

Visitors mention its clean, clear waters along with good availability for people with disabilities.

After swimming and relaxing on the beach, head towards the village to explore unique flavors in local tavernas. Take in breathtaking views from Agia Pakou Chapel or explore the ancient ruins of Galissas town.

Galissas Beach: How to Get There

A direct bus connects Galissas Beach with the capital of Syros, Ermoupoli, where there is also a field if you are arriving from abroad. The journey takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and the bus stops just a short walk away from the shoreline.

Nissi Beach, Cyprus: Plan a Party Atmosphere and Soft White Sands Trip

Situated in the resort town of Ayia Napa in Cyprus, Nissi Beach is an expansive stretch of sand renowned for its pristine cleanliness, earning it recognition with a Blue Flag. It stretches for 500 meters and derives its name from the small islet of Nissi just off the shore, which is easily reached through shallow waters.

This beach is known as one of Cyprus’s most tranquil seaside spots. Its eastern shore contrasts with the western side, which is calm and relaxing, renowned for its nightlife during peak months.

Nissi Beach is a hotspot for music and parties, creating a lively atmosphere during peak months. If you’re seeking a more stable option with a bit more vibrancy, this could be the choice for you.

Nissi Beach:  How to Get There

Larnaca International Airport is about 35 kilometers from Nissi Beach, and the bus journey takes around an hour. If you’re exploring Ayia Napa, you can easily catch a direct bus to its golden sands, with services running every 20 minutes.

Which other European coastlines have made it to the top 10 list?

Among the top 10 most durable coastlines, seven were in Europe, including the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and Spain.

In this list, the third spot was taken by Wales’ Saundersfoot Beach, the seventh spot by Malta’s Mellieha, followed by Greece’s Myrtos Beach and Spain’s Playa Blanca in Lanzarote.

Outside Europe, Radhanagar Beach in India, Corniche Beach in the United Arab Emirates, and Camps Bay Beach in South Africa also secured a place among TripAdvisor’s top 10 most durable coastlines.


Exploring sustainable beach destinations offers not only relaxation and enjoyment but also contributes to environmental conservation. Whether you’re interested in family-friendly activities, snorkeling adventures, or vibrant party scenes, there’s a sustainable beach destination waiting to be explored. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and embark on an eco-friendly beach getaway today!


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