OSSAA Team Preview Spotlights the Dominant Washington Warriors


Team: Washington Warriors

2023 Record: 32-5

Classification: 3A

Head Coach: Jeff Culbert

Total Runs: 373/94

Average Runs: 10.08/2.54

Average Margin: 7.54


The Washington Warriors charge into the 2023 season with the wind of consecutive 3A state championships beneath their wings. Despite bidding farewell to standout players like Camden Betts and Ken Springer in the ’23 draft, the Warriors maintain their stature as one of the premier teams in the 3A division. Their quest for a third straight title positions them as the team to beat, a role they’ve embraced with confidence and skill over recent seasons.

What sets the Warriors apart is not just their impressive track record, but the depth of talent and versatility within their roster. From promising prospects to versatile multi-sport athletes, Washington’s lineup is a formidable force that promises excitement and unpredictability on the field.

In 2023, their average run margin of 7.54 underscores their dominance, showcasing their ability to outclass opponents with ease. This consistency and resilience have solidified their position as contenders in the state’s elite programs, earning them the favoritism of fans and pundits alike as they gear up for the 2024 campaign.

As they embark on their journey to defend their title, the Warriors carry with them the weight of expectations and the thrill of possibility. Each game is not just a battle for victory, but a chance to cement their legacy as champions and inspire future generations of athletes.

With their eyes set firmly on the prize, the Washington Warriors are poised to write another chapter in their storied history, one filled with triumph, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of champions.


Dax McKaskill, 2024, INF/OF, Houston Commit

After an impressive junior season, Houston’s prospects took a hit, but Dax McKaskill remains a standout player. Known for his blend of power and speed, McKaskill boasts a remarkable 102.8 mph exit velocity and a speedy 6.63 sixty-yard dash. His versatility is unparalleled; he’s a utility player who can excel anywhere on the field, be it the infield or outfield. Recently, his name has been buzzing among MLB scouts, a testament to his potential. With his consistent performance at the plate, McKaskill is a strong contender for Player of the Year honors. Keep an eye on him as he continues to make waves in the baseball world, showcasing his talent and determination with each game.

Marlon Moore, 2024, INF, Cal Commit

Throughout his high school journey, Moore has excelled as a second baseman, surrounded by top-tier fielders. However, as he enters his senior year, he’s set his sights on the shortstop position. Known for his speed and agility, Moore wields a right-handed swing that combines finesse with power, making him a formidable threat at the plate. Renowned for his defensive prowess, he’s poised to showcase his skills as a shortstop in his final season. Additionally, Moore’s contributions extend beyond defense; his ability to deliver accurate throws and excel in batting positions him as a key player for the Warriors. As he steps into the spotlight for his last high school campaign, Moore embodies versatility and talent, poised to leave a lasting impact on the field.

Players to Watch:

Tristan Babbit, 2024, LHP, Seminole Commit

Nate Roberts, 2025, 3B/RHP, Uncommitted



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